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Philip Furmanski Ph.D.

Professor II Rutgers University – Ernest Mario School of PharmacyEOHSI – Toxicology
Address William Levine Hall Room 215 160 Frelinghuysen Road Piscataway NJ 08854 Phone: 848-445-7244 Fax: 732-445-0687
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Biographical Info

Dr. Furmanski’s background is in cancer molecular and cell biology, mechanisms of tumor progression, experimental therapeutics of cancer and other invasive/infectious processes, preclinical and human clinical trials. He has expertise in a number of areas, including pathogenesis of environmental toxin-induced disease, role of macrophages in inflammatory processes related to environmental exposures, health effects of nanoparticles, genetic and epigenetic regulation of cellular functions, among others. As a result of long service to the scientific community on a number of Editorial Boards, grant review committees, advisory boards, he is very active as a mentor for junior faculty and those newly moving into the field (as well as more senior members) in many aspects of the scientific and administrative process, including interactions with industry (big pharma, biotech, materials and devices).

Scholarly Activities

  • Member and Inaugural Chair, Pathology C (Cancer Molecular Pathobiology/CAMP) Study Section, National Institutes of Health, June 2001 – October 2003
  • Member, Advisory Committee for Oncologic Sciences, Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes of Health, January – June 1999 – June 2000
  • Member, National Institutes of Health Reviewers Reserve, July 1993 – July 1998
  • Member, Pathology B Study Section, Division of Research Grants, National Institutes of Health, October 1988 – June 1993
  • Chairman, Cancer Biology and Immunology Contracts Review Committee, National Cancer                 Institute,   May 1985 – October 1987

Recent Publications

  1. Furmanski, P. Revealing the mechanism of tissue damage due to tobacco use: finally, a smoking gun?. Am. J. Pathol. 2013;182 (5):1489-93. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2013.02.004. PubMed PMID:23499459
  2. Ng, B., Kramer, E., Liebes, L., Wasserheit, C., Hochster, H., Blank, E., Ceriani, R. and Furmanski, P. Radiosensitization of tumor-targeted radioimmunotherapy with prolonged topotecan infusion in human breast cancer xenografts. Cancer Res. 2001. 61:2996-3001. PMID: PMID: 11306478.
  3. Bhimani, R.S., Vendrov, Y. and Furmanski, P. Influence of lactoferrin feeding and injection against systemic staphylococcal infections in mice. J Appl Microbiol. 1999. 86:135-44. PMID: PMID: 10030017.
  4. Rosenthal, M.A., Dennis, D., Liebes, L., Furmanski, P., Caron, D., Garrison, L., Wiprovnick, J., Peace, D., Oratz, R., Speyer, J. and Chachoua, A. Biologic activity of interleukin 1 (IL-1) alpha in patients with refractory malignancies. J Immunother. 1998. 21:371-8. PMID: PMID: 9789199.
  5. Kramer, E.L., Liebes, L., Wasserheit, C., Noz, M.E., Blank, E.W., Zabalegui, A., Melamed, J., Furmanski, P., Peterson, J.A. and Ceriani, R.L. Initial clinical evaluation of radiolabeled MX-DTPA humanized BrE-3 antibody in patients with advanced breast cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 1998. 4:1679-88. PMID: PMID: 9676842.
  6. Geng, K., Li, Y., Bezault, J. and Furmanski, P. Induction of lactoferrin expression in murine ES cells by retinoic acid and estrogen. Exp Cell Res. 1998. 245:214-20. PMID: PMID: 9828118.
  7. Yu, W., Chang, M., Vlock, D., Furmanski, P. and Johnson, C. The effect of continuous infusion IL-1 alpha on carboplatin-induced thrombocytopenia and anti-tumor activity in RIF-1 tumor bearing mice. Oncol Rep. 1997. 4:43-8. PMID: PMID: 21590009.
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