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Symposium: A Tribute to Dr. Paul J. Lioy, Pioneer in Exposure Science

Posted at 9:29 am November 4, 2015, in EOHSI Events, Seminars


Thursday, November 12, 2015

As a Tribute to Dr. Paul J. Lioy, a symposium will be held at EOHSI from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm with a continental breakfast at 9:00 am.

This symposium will focus on environmental health research and how a better incorporation of exposure science into this field has added to our understanding of the effects of environmental contaminants on public health. Paul’s exposure science body of research and its contribution towards reducing exposures and improving public health will be highlighted.



Jeffrey Laskin: Living in a World of Environmental Threats
Lung-Chi Chen: WTC, then and Now
Debra Laskin: Macrophages and Ozone-induced Lung Injury: a Battle of Forces
Daniel Vallero: Adherence to Scientific Method while Advancing Exposure Science
Timothy Buckley: Thoughts on Fulfilling a Legacy of Greatness
Bernard Goldstein: Paul Lioy: Science that Makes a Difference
Philip Landrigan: Paul Lioy – Friend, Colleague, Scientist
Junfeng (Jim) Zhang: The King and I: In the Kingdom of Exposure Science without Borders
Nancy Fiedler: Controlled Exposure Models to Evaluate Human Health Effects: Addressing Real World Questions – Paul Lioy’s Legacy
Morton Lippmann: Identification of WTC Dust Components that Caused Illness: Lessons Learned Concerning the Consequences of Inappropriate Exposure Assessment
Michael Gochfeld: Chromium in Jersey City: A Quarter Century of Exposure Research and Monitoring in New Jersey

Symposium Agenda – November 12, 2015

Please RSVP to Teresa Boutillette if you will be attending.