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EOHSI Member Charles Weschler named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Charles J. Weschler, an adjunct professor at Rutgers’ Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute.

Weschler’s area of research is in chemical reactions among indoor pollutants and their products, including ozone-derived free radicals and secondary organic aerosols, as well as indoor pollutant exposures, their contributions to total pollutant exposures and their consequent health effects. He was elected to the International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences in 1999 and received the Pettenkofer Award, its highest honor, in 2014. He also received the 2006 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Plaque for his service on the EPA’s Science Advisory Board and was conferred the 2017 Haagen-Smit Prize from Atmospheric Environment. Weschler was named a Distinguished Member of Professional Staff, for the top 5 percent of staff at Bellcore in 1986 and awarded the 2006 NIOSH Certificate of Appreciation for his contributions to occupational health research agenda. He has an h-index of 60 in the Web of Science and was awarded Best Paper for Indoor Air Journal between 1999 and 2001. He also is on the editorial advisory board for Indoor Air Journal.

The association cited Weschler for “distinguished contributions to the field of indoor chemistry, particularly for improving our understanding of chemicals present in indoor air, their

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