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Liberty Science Center Partners in Science 2015 Program Underway

Posted at 9:38 am July 6, 2015, in Community Outreach, Student Programs

This summer several high-school students with an interest in and aptitude for health sciences join the laboratories of Andrew Gow, Carol Gardner, Debra Laskin, and Cliff Weisel. Based upon the students’ research interests, the Liberty Science Center (LSC) Partners in Science program pairs these students with mentors who help them to design and carry out experiments and research. At the end of the program, each student will present their work at the LSC in Jersey City, NJ.


LSC students, left to right: Trisha Parayil, James Gow, Shivam Patel, Magda Baranowska, and Arielle Weinberger.

This year’s students include Arielle Weinberger and James Gow (mentored by Drs. Laskin and Gardner); Trisha Parayil, Shivam Patel, and Sabine London (mentored by Dr. Gow); and Magda Baranowska (mentored by Dr. Weisel and Post-Doc Allison Patton).


Magda Baranowska provides this summary of the project she is pursuing:

“This summer at EOHSI, I am working with Dr. Clifford Weisel and Dr. Allison Patton to measure the volatilization of common shower products. The volatile substances being observed are those that easily vaporize. In measuring these products, we will be testing whether or not there is enough of the volatile substance to negatively affect the human body. In order to simulate the humidity of an enclosed space (a shower), Dr. Patton and I will adjust the humidity to a desirable and appropriate level in a chamber. The volatile substance will also be added into the chamber. Eventually, ozone will be added as well to simulate the circumstance in which a window is opened during a shower to let outside air in.”