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EOHSI member Howard Kipen, MD, MPH featured in The Washington Post: As mask mandates drop, ask these questions to gauge safety of indoor spaces

Many places have ended indoor mask mandates, and public health experts say it’s okay to forgo mask-wearing where vaccination rates are high and infections and hospitalizations are low. As maskless people begin venturing inside, they still may wonder whether it is safe.

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“There are no absolutes in this business,” says Howard Kipen, professor of occupational and environmental health at the Rutgers University School of Public Health and lead author of a study examining airborne transmission in the homes of infected individuals. “It depends on how crowded it is and whether people are sneezing or coughing or singing or talking or yelling — and how close they are to you. If you live where there are high rates, or people are not well vaccinated, there is reason to still wear a mask.”

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(Source: Marlene Cimons – The Washington Post – March13, 2022) –  

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