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Currently Active Studies

Follow the links below to learn more about the research studies, including clinical trials, currently ongoing at EOHSI and to determine if you are eligible to participate. Compensation is available for most studies. If you have specific questions about any of the following studies, please call the Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core (IHSFC) at 848-445-6049 or send an email to Dr. Kathleen Black.

For RWJBH New Brunswick

Results from Previous Studies

Paulsboro Study Report

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Paulsboro Study Results

Click on the image to enlarge and/or download. Click here for additional information and FAQ about the results ...
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Diesel Exhaust Affects Adult Asthma

Traffic-related air pollution can make asthma worse. A recent study at the Center for Environmental Exposures and Disease (CEED) found that diesel exhaust causes airway stress in people with asthma. Traffic-related pollution has been ...
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Health Impacts of Breathing Traffic Air Pollution While Commuting

We all know that driving on New Jersey’s congested roadways can lead to aggravation and stress. A recent study at the Center for Environmental Exposures and Disease (CEED) found that traffic air pollution may ...
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