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EOHSI & CEED Member Panos Georgopoulos, Ph.D. paper published in Frontiers in Allergy

Modeling past and future spatiotemporal distributions of airborne allergenic pollen across the contiguous United States


EOHSI Division of Environmental and Population Health Biosciences

Rutgers University

Another accomplishment in environmental health and science by one of EOHSI and CEED’s long-standing members Panos Georgopoulos

The paper presents predicted changes of pollen levels from oak (during spring) and ragweed (late summer/early fall), across the contiguous US, for mid-century conditions corresponding to the RCP8.5 global emission scenario. Historic (for evaluation) and future pollen emissions and concentrations were calculated using our EOHSI/SPH “one-atmosphere” version of the nationwide Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model, that incorporates mechanistic modules for the emission, transport and fate of pollens, in addition to the photochemistry, aerosol dynamics, etc. simulators. Development of this model has been the focus of three PhD theses that were completed over the past twelve years at EOHSI; it is the only available nationwide/multiscale platform for calculating levels of multiple co-occurring airborne pollutants with synergistic effects (such as ozone and pollen). As an example of our predictions, I am attaching a map from the paper showing the predicted changes in mean August-September ragweed pollen concentrations from beginning (2004) to mid-21st century (2047). 

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Source: Panos Georgopoulos, Ph.D.

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