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Our Scientists Cited – News about Artificial Turf

Posted at 12:29 pm June 14, 2015, in Research Highlights

In a recent article in the Sacramento Bee, Paul Lioy, director of EOHSI’s Exposure Science Division, stated that while he can appreciate concerns that individuals have about artificial turf, he doesn’t share them. Lioy says that research completed at EOHSI and other organizations has consistently shown that synthetic turf does not pose a substantial environmental or human threat. He also has no problem with children playing on synthetic grass, including on crumb-rubber sports fields.


Lioy acknowledged that the industry once had problems with lead and other toxins, but years ago the turf companies changed production methods to address these issues. “I haven’t seen that the direction of the industry has been toward making it riskier,” he said. “I think the issue is, one, perception, and, two, that it’s synthetic material and people want to know more about it.” Heat, however, is a legitimate concern in a place like Sacramento, Lioy said … even the Synthetic Turf Council acknowledges some synthetic fields get so hot that some people water them to make them tolerable to stand on.

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