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Prof. Mingzhu Fang Mentors RiSE Student at EOHSI

Posted at 4:50 pm July 10, 2015, in Community Outreach, Student Programs

Research in Science and Engineering (RiSE) is a summer program sponsored by Rutgers University. Fifty undergraduates from across the U.S. and its territories are chosen each summer to participate in 10 weeks of research ranging from the biological, physical, and social sciences to math and engineering, and other interdisciplinary areas. Each student is paired with a carefully matched faculty mentor.

This summer Dr. Mingzhu Fang, of EOHSI’s Toxicology Division, is mentoring Tiara Askew, a senior student from Bowie State University studying biology. Her summer research project focuses on the effects of environmental carcinogens and dietary agents on cellular circadian rhythm, and their impact on mammary carcinogenesis. The resulting insights will inform mechanistically-based cancer prevention strategies that could reverse the deleterious effects of carcinogens or stressors on circadian-controlled carcinogenesis process.

According to Tiara, “This has been a phenomenal experience. I have learned so many useful skills for my future as a research scientist. I really appreciated the support I received from Dr. Fang and all lab members, and the SURF/RiSE program.”