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The file must be submitted to ENS 48 hours prior to the deadline. The poster must have the EOHSI logo attached to it. Make sure that the dimensions are not larger than 42X56 with 1 inch margins all around. For multiple posters, or multiple copies of the same poster we may require 96 hours. Please fill out one workorder for each poster submission. See below this form for Poster Printing Guidelines.

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    Guidelines for Poster Printing

    If you are not the poster owner (i.e. if you are a supervisor who is submitting this request for a student) then please have the poster owner review this page.

    1. Set your page size to the dimensions that you would like your poster to be (the largest possible size is 42″ x 56″)
    2. Use .jpeg and .gif images on your poster. We cannot guarantee the quality of other image format types.
    3. Avoid importing data to your poster (i.e. excel graphs, word documents, charts etc.). These types of data, when imported, have been a source of alignment and spacing problems once poster printing has begun.
    4. Have your poster saved in a PowerPoint slide (.ppt or .pptx format).
    5. Make sure that your poster is in its final revision format (we will print out a draft in black and white if you would like to see your poster in scale before making final revisions).
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    Email: info@eohsi.rutgers.edu

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    For Employee Health and
    World Trade Center Health Program:

    The Clinical Center for Environmental and Occupational Health
    170 Frelinghuysen Rd, Floor 1
    Piscataway, NJ 08854
    Phone: 848-445-0123

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