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Admin Notes

A few notes and reminders

About post images:

Always include a square cropped image to be set as the featured image and it will serve as the thumbnail both on the front page and the news page.

IMPORTANT: Size needs to be 300px x 300 px.

All images in posts should not exceed 650 px wide. No matter what the size of the picture, always have also a square image for feature (as above – 250×250).


We have 2 plugins for “snippets” – the top one (with the pushpin symbol)  is for content “server side includes”, bottom one (scissors symbol) is for code and will rarely be used.

Using a content Snippet that you’ve created, follow this simple Shortcode syntax.

(snippet slug="my-cool-snippet" /)  parentheses are replaced with square brackets

This is good for adding content that you might want to show in multiple places, on pages, in widgets, on a person’s bio, etc. Very nice!


For connections directory people photos – use picture size 225px height x 180px width.


Here’s the shortcode to return a list of recent references, via the WP Pubmed Reflist plugin:

(pmid-refs key="insert-key-here" limit=7)

The parentheses should be replaced with square brackets.
7 is a good limit for listing pubs in a bio, but it can be up to 20.


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