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EOHSI Members Grace Guo and Shuo Xiao Recipients of 2024 ASPET Career Awards


Division of Toxicology Career Award

Grace L. Guo, MBBS, PhD

Dr.  Guo is receiving this award in recognition of her innovative research and development of new technologies that have led to the discovery of fundamental and transformative concepts regarding the effects of intestine-liver crosstalk on liver metabolism and pathogenesis and an understanding of the underlying molecular mechanisms following disruption of homeostasis of bile acids and exposure to xenobiotic chemicals.  

Dr. Guo has dedicated her research career on the molecular mechanisms of regulation of drug metabolism, bile acid signaling and toxicology by nuclear receptors, including FXR, PXR and CAR. She made an important discovery in determining the molecular mechanisms by which xenobiotic nuclear receptors regulate chemical disposition. She is one of the pioneer scientists discovering the importance of intestinal FXR and bile acid signaling in regulating liver functions and disease. Her lab has made several genetically modified mouse models to advance the understanding of human physiology, pathology, pharmacology and toxicology. She has been funded by the NIH and the VA for the last 20 years, published over 140 peer-reviewed papers in pharmacology, toxicology and hepatology journals, mentored many students and fellows, and served on the NIH and VA study sections. Dr. Guo has been actively involved in professional societies to advance the field of toxicology, drug metabolism, and hepatology. This Toxicology Career Award recognizes her research achievement, training of graduate students, and dedicated services to professional societies and research community. Dr. Guo has been a member of ASPET since 2008

Source: ASPET 2024 Award Winners

Division of Toxicology Early Career Award

Shuo Xiao headshot 2022

Shuo Xiao, PhD

Dr. Shuo Xiao received his PhD in Toxicology from the University of Georgia and completed his postdoctoral training at Northwestern University. He is now an Assistant Professor in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute at Rutgers University. Dr. Xiao’s research focuses on female reproductive biology, disease, and toxicology, including (1) the side effects of anti-cancer drugs on young female cancer patients’ fertility and developing associated fertility preservation strategy, (2) impacts of emerging endocrine disrupting chemicals on women’s reproductive health, (3) engineering an ovary-on-a-chip and an entire female reproductive system-on-a-chip using microfluidic technology to study reproductive biology, medicine, and toxicology, and (4) development of novel non-hormonal contraceptive drugs targeting ovulation. Dr. Xiao has published over 60 publications in high impact peer-review journals and is very well funded by NIH, NSF, DOD, and other private research foundations. Dr. Xiao has been a member of ASPET since 2022.

Source: ASPET 2024 Award Winners

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