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Congratulations to EOHSI Member Michael Gallo, PhD, ATS, DABT

Michael Gallo, PhD, ATS, DABT

Founders Award (For Outstanding Leadership in Toxicology)


Founders Award (for Outstanding Leadership in Toxicology)

Michael Gallo, PhD, ATS, DABT

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ

Michael Gallo, PhD, ATS, DABT, has been awarded the 2021 SOT Founders Award (for Outstanding Leadership in Toxicology) for his mentorship, visionary scholarship, and advocacy of the application of cutting-edge technologies and their incorporation into evidence-based toxicology at all levels.

In a career spanning more than 40 years, Dr. Gallo has left an indelible mark on the practice of toxicology. An early and vocal advocate of rational risk assessment practices, a strong supporter of the application of contemporary techniques and technologies to toxicological questions, a meticulous and visionary principal investigator, and a mentor of students and colleagues alike, Dr. Gallo epitomizes the toxicology professional and scholar.

After service in the US Marine Corps, Dr. Gallo graduated from Russell Sage College with a BA in biology and chemistry and received his PhD in toxicology and experimental pathology from the Albany Medical College, where he then performed postdoctoral training in pathology under a National Institutes of Health fellowship. Dr. Gallo’s early career was in corporate toxicology at Rhodia Inc. (Rhone-Poulenc, US), as a staff toxicologist and Chief Corporate Toxicologist, and subsequently at Food & Drug Research Laboratory as Vice President and Director of Research, and finally to Foster Snell Laboratory as Vice President and Director of Biological Laboratories. His broad experience in industrial toxicology instilled in him a strong appreciation of the requirements for science-based decision-making and ethical product stewardship. These principles formed a cornerstone of his standards of teaching and research practices for the rest of his career.

In 1980, Dr. Gallo joined the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as an early participant in an ambitious initiative to develop a major program in toxicology at the university. Under the founding leadership of Dr. Bernard Goldstein and Dr. Gallo, the discipline of toxicology at Rutgers expanded rapidly and attracted many leaders in the field, including Dr. Robert Snyder. The New Jersey Governor’s Office, recognizing the value of this expertise in addressing the state’s concerns regarding environmental health, allocated the funds to build the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI) to encompass the full spectrum of toxicology—from basic research to public policy. Dr. Gallo was instrumental in building EOHSI into a world-class facility, and his influence on environmental public policy in New Jersey and throughout the US has been profound.

Throughout his academic career at Rutgers, Dr. Gallo tirelessly advanced the doctrine of toxicology. He assumed ever-greater responsibilities in academic administration, serving as Associate Dean (and later Senior Associate Dean) of Research for the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Associate Director of EOHSI, Associate Director of the Joint Graduate Program in Toxicology, and Director of the UMDNJ-Rutgers NIEHS P30 Center. He also was the first Interim Director of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and played a key role in recruiting the founding director and in the institute’s subsequent development into an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Equally impressive is Dr. Gallo’s critical role in nurturing the careers of generations of toxicologists, both within SOT and through numerous additional professional activities. He has served as a mentor and advocate for toxicologists-in-training for more than four decades at Rutgers and throughout the US. He was a driving force in maintaining the Gordon Research Conferences in Toxicology, which have helped develop many young scientists.

Dr. Gallo has influenced even more young scholars through his leadership positions within SOT. As a founding member and President of the SOT Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter, he initiated training activities for students in risk assessment to supplement the emphasis on mechanistic toxicology; these activities continue to this day. He also has served as Chair of the Membership Committee; a member of the Awards Committee, Congressional Subcommittee, and Endowment Fund Board; and Councilor of the Society. These contributions are all in addition to Dr. Gallo’s myriad appointments on influential Editorial Boards, graduate school committees, external advisory boards, and national committees.

Source: SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2021(https://www.toxicology.org/awards/sot/recipients2021.asp)