Sleep Apnea Study for WTC Responders

Obstructive Sleep Apnea in WTC Responders: Role of Nasal Pathology

Principle Investigator: Jag Sunderram, MD

Clinical Investigator: Iris Udasin, MD

Purpose: To study whether upper airway disease (problems in the nose and throat) is related to obstructive sleep apnea (breathing problems during sleep) in World Trade Center (WTC) Responders. The study includes a test of two treatment options for responders with sleep apnea.

Who Participates: 500 members of the WTC Health Program at EOHSI who did not usually snore prior to 9/11/01.

Study Procedures: All participants will be screened for upper airway disease and sleep apnea. Each participant will come to the EOHSI clinic for a visit (approximately 1.5 hours) which will include questionnaires about breathing and sleep, a physical exam of the nose and throat, a measure of air flow through the nose and a nasal wash sample. Each participant will be screened for sleep apnea using a home monitoring device for 2 nights. Those participants who are diagnosed with sleep apnea will test two treatment methods using a breathing machine during sleep for 2 months.

Compensation: All participants who complete the screening phase will receive $100. Participants who have sleep apnea and complete the treatment phase will be able to keep the breathing machine.

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