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CEED Member Dr. Rev. Miguel Hernandez appointed

Canon for Education in the Diocese of El Salvador

Congratulations to Dr. Rev Miguel Hernandez, a long-standing member of the Center for Enviromental Exposures and Disease (CEED) representing the community. in the Stakeholder Advisory Board at Rutgers University. 

The Seminary of El Salvador (El Seminario Episcopal Anglicano de El Salvador ) was established in 2017.

The original idea was to provide online Theological Classes with the support of the Newark School of Theology.  However, the idea evolved into the creation of a Seminary to provide the education and formation of future priests in the Diocese.

In 2021, the first group graduated from the program.

Rev. Miguel Hernandez has been an active member of the Seminary by:

  1. teaching theological classes
  2. inviting professors in the USA to teach classes online in Spanish
  3. inviting academic speakers to El Salvador to discuss various religious and social topics
  4. serving as an advisor in the academic council
  5. serving as a liaison with institutions such as seminaries
  6. providing and seeking funding such as scholarships to support college students in the Diocese
  7. providing books and refurbishing computers to the students

Read more about his background leading to his recent appointment:

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