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Judith Graber, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Rutgers University – School of Public HealthEOHSI – Environmental and Population Health Bio-Sciences
EOHSI Room 320 170 Frelinghuysen Rd Piscataway New Jersey 08854 Work Phone: 848-445-0190 Work Fax: 732-445-0784 Website: Dr. Graber’s Bio Page
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Biographical Info

Research Areas

  • Cancer risk and risk factors among volunteer and career firefighters.
  • Adverse effects of occupational dust exposure and interactions with modifiable personal risk factors, including tobacco and alcohol use and obesity.
  • Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) exposure and health outcomes in occupational and community settings

 Research Highlights

  • Principal New Jersey Firefighters Cancer Prevention Project, looking at cancer risk among New Jersey volunteer and career firefighters. The long-term goal of this work is to reduce cancer incidence and mortality among firefighters.
  • Investigating the evaluate associations between health outcomes and multiple estimates of exposure to poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), with an emphasis on perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA), among members of highly exposed communities conditions, including work pace bullying and harassment,¬† and contribute to workplace and other injuries
  • Evaluating the contribution of World Trade Center related exposure to exposure to head neck cancer, given the etiologic role of tobacco use, heavy alcohol use and oral infection with the human papilloma virus in the incidence of cancer of the head and neck

Recent Publications

  1. Graber, JM, Alexander, C, Laumbach, RJ, Black, K, Strickland, PO, Georgopoulos, PG, Marshall, EG, Shendell, DG, Alderson, D, Mi, Z et al.. Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) blood levels after contamination of a community water supply and comparison with 2013-2014 NHANES. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol. 2019;29 (2):172-182. doi: 10.1038/s41370-018-0096-z. PubMed PMID:30482936 PubMed Central PMC6380951
  2. Bover Manderski, MT, Black, K, Udasin, IG, Giuliano, AR, Steinberg, MB, Ohman Strickland, P, Black, TM, Dasaro, CR, Crane, M, Harrison, D et al.. Risk factors for head and neck cancer in the World Trade Center Health Program General Responder Cohort: results from a nested case-control study. Occup Environ Med. 2019;76 (11):854-860. doi: 10.1136/oemed-2019-105890. PubMed PMID:31515248
  3. Casseus M, West B, Graber JM, Wackowski O, Cooney JM, JD; Lee HS. Disparities in disability status and illicit drug use among a nationally representative sample of U.S. College students. Disability and Health Journal [in press]Brackbill, RM, Graber, JM, Robison, WAA. Editorial for “Long-Term Health Effects of the 9/11 Disaster” in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2019. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019;16 (18):. doi: 10.3390/ijerph16183289. PubMed PMID:31500226 PubMed Central PMC6765956
  4. Uhiara, D, Shendell, DG, Borjan, M, Graber, JM, Koshy, K, Lumia, M. Reported injury, hospitalization, and injury fatality rates among New Jersey adolescent workers. Inj Epidemiol. 2019;6 :37. doi: 10.1186/s40621-019-0216-9. PubMed PMID:31453047 PubMed Central PMC6699110
  5. Graber, JM, Harris, G, Black, K, Lucchini, RG, Giuliano, AR, Dasaro, CR, Shapiro, M, Steinberg, MB, Crane, MA, Moline, JM et al.. Excess HPV-related head and neck cancer in the world trade center health program general responder cohort. Int. J. Cancer. 2019;145 (6):1504-1509. doi: 10.1002/ijc.32070. PubMed PMID:30556136
  6. Wang, C, Bischoff, E, Eiden, AL, Zha, C, Cooper, R, Graber, JM. Residents Attitudes and Home Sanitation Predict Presence of German Cockroaches (Blattodea: Ectobiidae) in Apartments for Low-Income Senior Residents. J. Econ. Entomol. 2019;112 (1):284-289. doi: 10.1093/jee/toy307. PubMed PMID:30321349
  7. Graber, JM. Application of the Delphi method to reduce disability and mortality from coal mine dust lung disease in China; a new approach to an old problem. Occup Environ Med. 2018;75 (9):615-616. doi: 10.1136/oemed-2018-105075. PubMed PMID:29991498
  8. Graber, JM, Chuang, CT, Ward, CL, Black, K, Udasin, IG. Head and Neck Cancer in World Trade Center Responders: A Case Series. J. Occup. Environ. Med. 2018;60 (9):e439-e444. doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000001386. PubMed PMID:29933317 PubMed Central PMC6131053
  9. Shendell, DG, Graber, JM, Milich, LJ, Pratt, ME. Assessing Acute Symptoms Related to Occupational Exposures Among Nail Salon Technicians. J. Occup. Environ. Med. 2018;60 (4):343-349. doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000001210. PubMed PMID:29099468
  10. Farnacio, Y, Pratt, ME, Marshall, EG, Graber, JM. Are Workplace Psychosocial Factors Associated With Work-Related Injury in the US Workforce?: National Health Interview Survey, 2010. J. Occup. Environ. Med. 2017;59 (10):e164-e171. doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000001143. PubMed PMID:28991808


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