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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Julie Caruth, MD, MPH as the new director of the Employee Health Service for RBHS-New Brunswick.  After 35 years creating and leading Employee Health Services at RBHS-New Brunswick, Dr. Iris Udasin is stepping aside to devote the bulk of her efforts to our World Trade Center practice and overall medical direction of the EOHSI Clinical Center.  Dr. Caruth completed her residency in Family Medicine at SUNY-Health Science Center, Brooklyn, NY, completed her residency in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Rutgers, and joined the Rutgers faculty as an assistant professor in 2017.  She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Environmental and Occupational Medicine.


Howard Kipen, MD, MPH

Director, Clinical Research and Occupational Medicine Division, EOHSI


Helmut Zarbl, PhD

Director, EOHSI