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EOHSI Highly Cited Researchers

Posted at 2:59 pm May 14, 2008, in Awards & Achievements

EOHSI researchers were among the 250 scientists in Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher List for the category of Ecology/Environment.

burger lioy uchrin2

Left to right: Professors Burger, Lioy and Uchrin

“Being acknowledged by Thomson Reuters as a Highly Cited Researcher meant that an individual was among the 250 most-cited researchers in a defined discipline within a specific time-period. Citation is a direct measure of influence on the literature of a subject, and it is also a strong indicator of scientific contribution, since it is derived from a pattern of interaction among millions of published articles. When one researcher cites another’s work, he/she is acknowledging the relevance of that work to the current study. The interaction is both highly specific, and highly informed; it is a statement by an author of the scholarly kinship of two works.” Source: www.highlycited.com

Professors Joanna Burger and Paul Lioy were listed by Thomson Reuters among the most highly cited authors in the category of Ecology/Environment between 2000 and 2008.

Professors Paul Lioy and Christopher Uchrin were listed as Top Authors in Environmental Health and Environmental Engineering. Microsoft Academic Search has listed Dr. Paul Lioy in the top 0.07% of Environmental Health authors in the world (41 out of 61,339) and Dr. Christopher Uchrin as in the top 0.3 % of worldwide Environmental Engineering authors (58 out of 21,969). Dr. Uchrin was also rated in the top 0.7% of worldwide Environmental Health authors. Drs. Lioy and Uchrin were the co-founders of the joint Rutgers University Ph.D. Program in Exposure Assessment, the first of its kind in the world. Dr. Lioy is currently the Deputy Director for Government Relations, EOHSI, and Dr. Uchrin is the Director of the Bioenvironmental Engineering Program, jointly administered by the Department of Environmental Sciences in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the School of Engineering at Rutgers.