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Carbon Dioxide: A Pilot Study of a Hypothesized Mechanism to Explain Cognitive Impairment

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Study Details

Principal Investigator: Howard Kipen, MD, MPH

Purpose: To understand what causes the effect of high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) on thinking and learning.

Who Participates:

12 volunteers between the ages of 18-30 years old who have been vaccinated for COVID-19

Study Procedures:

Participants are screened for eligibility over the phone and then invited to come to the EOHSI clinic to sign the consent form.  Subjects will be asked to participate in two exposure sessions (about 3.5 hours each). In one session, participants will be exposed to clean air with a normal CO2 concentration of 600 ppm. In the other session, participants will be exposed to air with a higher concentration of CO2 of 2500 ppm. During each exposure session participants will be asked to complete a test on a computer that measures thinking and decision-making. Participants will also be asked to provide a blood sample before, immediately after, and four hours after each exposure session.  

Compensation: $300 for completing all parts of the study.

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