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Published Study – Bioaccessibility and Risk of Exposure to Metals and SVOCs

A study undertaken by post-doctoral researcher Brian Pavilonis along with EOHSI faculty members Weisel, Buckley ...
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International Conference on Experience Communications in Exposure Factors

Zhi-Hua (Tina) Fan was invited by Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences to present a ...
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Thai Fogarty ITREOH Center

The Thai Fogarty ITREOH Center (Grant Number D43 TW007849 Fogarty International Center - National Institutes ...
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Development of drugs to treat exposure to mustard gas – CounterACT Center of Excellence

Rutgers University and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Receive $23 Million Grant from NIH to ...
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Personal and Ambient Exposures to Air Toxics in Camden

Personal and Ambient Exposures to Air Toxics in Camden, New Jersey (HEI Research Report 160) ...
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