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EPA Awards New Research Grant – Climate Change, Indoor Ozone, and Vascular Function

Howard Kipen, MD, MPH, Professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Director of Clinical Research ...
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Health Impacts of Breathing Traffic Air Pollution While Commuting

We all know that driving on New Jersey’s congested roadways can lead to aggravation and ...
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International Collaboration Project with Korean Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency

Dr. Mingzhu Fang (Assistant Professor at EOHSI) initiated and developed a collaborative research project: “Development ...
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EOHSI Member is Recipient of Global Urbanism Grant

Derek Shendell and colleagues are among the seven University-wide recipients of a Global Urbanism interdisciplinary, ...
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Selecting Bioindicator Species for Human, Ecological, and Cultural Well-Being

Published study by Burger, Gochfeld, et al. We all share a global environment, and each ...
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