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Personal and Ambient Exposures to Air Toxics in Camden

Personal and Ambient Exposures to Air Toxics in Camden, New Jersey (HEI Research Report 160) ...
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Enhanced Monitoring Equipment – Controlled Exposure Facilities Core Laboratory

In order to provide researchers at EOHSI and the broader university community with state-of-the-art human ...
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Exposures to Lead and Other Metals from Artificial Turf Playing Fields

EOHSI faculty member Stuart Shalat and NJ DEP scientist Alan Stern reported on the results ...
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Circadian Rhythm in Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention

Essentially all organisms on the planet have a circadian rhythm, or biological clock, that controls ...
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Effects of Stress and Traffic Pollutants on Childhood Asthma in an Urban Community

Individuals are exposed to a multitude of environmental factors that, together with genetic inheritance, determine ...
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