Community Outreach and Education Core (COEC)

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Directors:  Laura Liang, MPH and Joanna Burger, PhD;
Members:  Zhi-Hua (Tina) Fan, PhD; Robert Laumbach, MD, MPH; Mark Robson, PhD
Staff: Erin Caswell; Kimi Nakata, MSW, MPH

   The goal of the Community Outreach and Education Core (COEC) is to provide a link between environmental health researchers and community members, to increase understanding of the impact of the environment on human health and foster two-way dialogue on research findings and current research priorities. 


Rutgers EOHSI/COEC program for HS students eatured in NIEHS October 2013 newsletter: 

COEC brings young  “Future Researchers” from NJ high schools and colleges who are currently studying science to meet with Rutgers science and medicine faculty, and observe lab science firsthand.  

This summer, the new Toxicology, Health and Environmental Disease (THED) High School Summer Program brought a diverse group of 46 students from 30 high schools in 4 states to learn about laboratory techniques and analysis, and career opportunities in medicine, pharmacy, toxicology, environmental health science, and research. Graduate students and faculty of the Joint Graduate Program in Toxicology taught and worked with THED students on the cellular injury, cellular response, and genetic predisposition. Plans for 2014 have begun (watch here for the application in the spring).

COEC organizes community workshops or "listening sessions" with “Research Attentive” community members who have a high level of interest and want to stay well informed on a particular environmental health issue due to their own or a family member’s disease or exposure state.  For instance, CEED holds annual sessions with breast cancer survivors and advocates to discuss current research and treatment options.  COEC also holds discussions with “Research Interested” community members who have a general interest in environmental health issues, such as members of a church or synagogue, in partnership with GreenFaith.





Greenfaith * Ironbound Community Corporation * Coalition for Healthy Ports - NY/NJ * Future City Inc. (Elizabeth) * NJ Environmental Justice Alliance * Jersey Coast Anglers Association * Newark Sustainability Office







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